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"I am writing because I wanted to share the experience my wife and I had with Renee and Caretex builders. We had such a wonderful experience with her and the whole process that I feel the need to share it with others and help other potential customers make their decisions around selecting a builder.

This was the first custom home that my wife and I had built; we designed it with an architect (Karl Watson, recommended by Renee, did an excellent job) and were involved in every detail. We were very much unsure of the whole process, but Renee was very kind and walked us through the whole process start to finish. It was painless, and in fact, very enjoyable.

We were surprised again and again at Renee's kindness and generosity as we went through our material selections, and she was a huge help for us in trying to make decisions on choices on which my wife and I could not agree. She's really got a great eye and helped in serveral key areas.

Finally, and most importantly, you will not - let me repeat this - you will not find a better builder out there from any perspective - period. You will not find a better builder on a cost per sq. ft. basis - she is the most competitive builder around - and believe me I checked. And not only is her cost very competitive, but you get incredible service and communication as you go through your project. Her standards for quality met mine in every way, and so did her attention to detail. I am a perfectionist, and she found and fixed most issues before I saw them - a first for me.

Bottom line is this - our project was finished on time - to the day- and was exactly on budget. Our experience was first rate, and if I ever build another house, it will be with her - no question. I feel very fortunate to have found her and that she was able to work on my project. It could not have been a better experience.

So - if you're a potential customer looking for a custom builder and you have found Caretex, stop looking. You've found the best builder in the Houston area. Stop looking, and start building! You won't regret it!"
- Darren J.

"Priscilla and I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased we are with our new home in Benders Landing Estates. We had done a lot of research in regards to quality and value when it comes to new construction. After meeting with Renee at CareTex Builders, we felt that you were offering the high quality construction that we were looking for at a fair and honest price.

Throughout construction we were offered a building process that was not only professional, but also friendly and fun. We have built several homes over the past 30 years. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted for our final home, but CareTex still managed to offer new ideas and concepts that we had not thought of.

Another aspect that was very important to us was communication, which was right on. There wasn't a time that we did not hear back from Renee within a couple of hours. Your personal involvement in the total building aspect from design issues thru construction is something to be valued and gave us peace of mind.

I believe that most people who are considering building a home, especially in this economic climate are concerned about budget. We found that the originally quoted price was right on with the final cost of our new home. We were within budget and did not have to sacrifice quality at any point throughout the process. Actually we got a lot more than anticipated thru constant communication during the building process.

Your service before, during, and after the construction has been excellent and we appreciate having done business with CareTex. Thank you again."
- Floyd & Priscilla A., Spring, Texas

"Caretex Custom Builders, in my opinion, is one of the premier builders in the Houston area and all surrounding areas. In 2007 Caretex built our home in New Caney and the experience was very pleasurable during a difficult time for our family. My wife was hospitalized due to complications with her pregnancy. Renee would bring samples to her to pick out, along with drawings and recommended changes. Renee's personal attention and eye for detail is unmatched, and our family, especially my wife, greatly appreciated that.

So in 2013 when it came time for my company to build a new office along with a retail complex, we could not think of anyone better to handle the build out and some custom touches to the outside than Rene. True to par she came along and had some awesome insight to the look I was hoping to accomplish. The thing that sets Renee apart from most people is she sees in her minds-eye what you are hoping to accomplish and any potential issues that may arise and adjusts accordingly. The speed and attention to detail along with the passion for what she does is what sets Caretex apart.

I would highly recommend Renee (Caretex Custom Builders) for whatever you find yourself wanting to construct. Most people have a hard time switching from residential to commercial, but not Caretex. I personally plan on developing some more properties and I will definitely use Renee again."
- Matt Peterson, Buster Brown Propane